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Some say…

The Stig gets his kit off and reveals how he came to be Top Gear’s iconic racing driver and so much more – including what it’s like to thrash an Aston Martin DBS, train for the Army and face the terror of Jeremy Clarkson’s underwear…

When the Black Stig disappeared off the end of an aircraft carrier in 2003, we were introduced to The White Stig. Faster. Stranger. Harder to keep clean. And ever since, millions have wondered – who is The Man in the White Suit? They’re about to find out. Ben Collins caught the car the bug young, kicking his dad’s boss in the balls for not giving him a company Jag. This was the attitude that eventually led him to spend seven years sharing a cabin with Jeremy Clarkson’s underwear, James May’s PhD thesis and Richard Hammond’s hairspray. Because he is The Stig. Now he tells all about life inside the iconic white helmet. What it’s like to guide a blind ex-RAF officer around the Top Gear track; pit a drug dealer’s Mitsubishi Evo against a Trojan tank; set a Vauxhall Monara against Chloe the dancing Ninja; and race double-decker Routemasters against bendy buses. Not to mention all the inside stuff on how the show’s amazing driving sequences are made. He also reveals how he got to be there – setting a Dunsfold lap time faster than Michael Schumacher’s. Breaking records with the best of the best at Daytona and Le Mans. It’s an awesome story, told by an amazing man.

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    Tofi says:

    You are the world greatest driver! Greetings from Brno, Czech Republic.

    jamal says:

    Enjoyed reading your book and I also enjoy watching videos of you driving and commenting on cars. Best of luck and hope your career grows even more.

    Ian says:

    Got your book for Christmas, havn’t been able to put it down.
    Loved it.
    Must have missed the chapter on Bathurst though.
    Best of luck.

    Brian says:

    Just finished reading the book. There is so much more to Ben Collins than ‘The Stig’.
    Happy New Year Ben, Georgie & Stiglet. May it be a prosperous and joyful one
    Thank you for the great entertainment so far and the insight into your world from the book.

    Dave Cason says:

    Hi Ben,

    Well good for you. Everybody know’s you wrote a book and the BBC and Top Gear are upset with you. Bugger em!

    I think you deserve a bit of recognition and some real money for a change! God knows everyone else on the show has done all right for themselves – why not you?!

    Best of luck and keep driving !

    Dave Cason

    Haydo Berns says:

    Hey ben i am so on your side angainst the BBC. I have read your book and you have missed so many opportunities in your racing career because of being the stig. I am saving up to get my first kart and should be able to start at the age of 18. Its only knowing that you didn’t start until you were 18 that is keeping me going. You have the best car control I have ever seen. Next time you come back over here (Australia) see if you can get a drive with Ford performance racing’s Mark Winterbottom because ford is better than holden. I have watched the Le Mans where you came back in the night and in the rain to lead. You are the most amazing driver. You are my hero. All the best with the 2011 Le Mans I will be watching.

    Thanks for reading Haydo

    Just finished Man in White Suit. Great read – you’re a really accomplished & nice guy. Can’t think why Top Gear presenters were so negative. We had our XJS on TG a couple of times and met them. Seemed genuine, especially JM who visited us a few times as we were preparing an XJS for his Oz & James Wine Trip. Ah well. Good luck with Le Mans. Regards, Chris

    Paul says:

    I’ve never enjoyed reading, in fact, you can count the amount of books that I’ve read front-to-back on one hand. It took a little while for me to warm to this, but once I got into it, I didn’t want to put it down.

    Having been through some similar situations, it was immensely entertaining reading the way in which Ben describes the events that have shaped him to become who he is today. It is a must read for anyone that has a desire to succeed and understand what pushing yourself to the limit can achieve.

    Sen says:

    Ben, I don’t know how you managed to capture all the detail you put into the book but I’m halfway through after one sitting, like everybody else here, I didn’t want to put it down.

    Best of luck for the future – TG is poorer without you

    Great book , great bloke , geat family and top driver….finally doing what you love most , good luck at Le Mans

    Lindsay Slogrove says:

    Am re-reading for the third time, and loving it just as much. Thanks for the great interview – wish it had been an hour longer. Am trying to find someone to teach me about Le Mans so I can keep up with you there, and it’s much more fun watching old TG re-runs (of which there are many in SA!) now that I have actually spoken to The Stig! Regards, Lindsay

    Richard Davidson says:

    Just returned from holiday where I read your excellent book. I don’t read very much and usually pick a Top Gear presenters book.
    This time I took yours and so glad I did. The behind the scenes stories were great and enjoyed reading of your racing and army career. Will now follow you on Twitter. Good luck in the future. I will follow you with interest.

    Sam Goodwill says:

    i never ever picked up a book and read the entire thing until i picked up yours. i am such a fan and loved watching on top gear as the stig and loved your book just as much if not more.

    Kat says:

    I’m just ordering your book, can’t wait to get it. I hope things are working out well for you since TopGear. Don’t let the hateful people get you down. Wishing you all the best from Texas, USA. Kat

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