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Ask Ben your questions

What’s the fastest I’ve ever driven?

What’s my favourite car?

What did I have for breakfast?

Just ask.

During the Silverstone race weekend I will be filmed answering as many of your questions as possible. Simply type your questions into the comments box below and the best ones will be filmed.

Good Luck.



    Steve says:

    Who’s your current favourite F1 driver and which team would you most love to drive for if you could?

    Mama LeMans says:

    Boxers or Briefs?

    Colin O'Leary says:

    Which form of racing has been the most pleasing for you and why? Which car has been the most disappointing drive, that you have driven? Thank you.

    Berndown says:

    Which car did you enjoy driving more, the Lexus LFA or the Nissan GTR?

    Phill Hunter says:

    Apart from F1, which race series would you most like to compete in, and whose car would you want to drive in it?

    Alison Hogge says:

    With the exception of F1, is there any other motoring/racing challenge (on any terrain) you would like to achieve, with who and why? For exmaple like what the TG boys have done, or what Ewan McGregor did in Long Way Round?

    My brother built his own track car from scratch, so I was wondering if you know the ins and outs about cars, or do you just drive them?!

    Can you tell us more about your experience at Bathurst/V8 Supercar racing, as you don’t say much in your book! (Are Aussies slightly mad?)

    Paul Nurczyk says:

    Are you still aiming at F1? Also do you miss the cast of Top Gear?

    Karl says:

    What’s the most expensive car you’ve wrecked and how?

    Did you get to keep the stig suit after you left Top Gear?

    Trond Kristiansen says:

    Hi Ben

    I’ve read your book, and i’ve become a big fan. It was really nice seeing you back on Top Gear helping the guys at “R2C”.

    My question is: During your time as The Stig, did you ever have any “what the **** have i gotten into”-moments?

    Keep up the good work!

    Best of luck,
    Trond Kristiansen

    Trond Kristiansen says:

    typo.. I ment R2R as in Race2Recovery

    Matthew says:

    What car makes you go, “Wow, I would really love to have that car”, when you see one?

    What’s your favourite song at the moment? Do you listen to a specific genre of music/artist/band?

    What would be your dream come true in your racing career?

    Which is more physically challenging: a 24h race at Le Mans or one of the many tests you had to complete during your military days?

    Do you have a favourite racing circuit?

    What job would you have loved to do besides becoming a racing driver?

    Do you ever miss the days of being the Stig? What do you miss most about it?

    If you had the opportunity to write a second book, would you do it?

    If you could change one thing on earth, what would it be?

    What’s your favourite video game?

    What’s your favourite vacation destination and why?

    Honestly, what did you have for breakfast? 😛

    Wish you best of luck with the race!

    Jaz Chaz says:

    Ben…May I ask you,after the recent Top Gear filming you did,are you and all the presenters back to being mates?
    If so, any chance you and the new Stig doing any work in the near future?

    Enjoyed your book and your time as the Stig!!!

    James Travis says:

    Hi Ben, do you miss doing the TopGear big challenges and whats your favourite memory of them?

    Simon Dove says:

    Any chance we will see you racing again in the BTCC in the not too distant future? Great book by the way!

    Guy says:

    Having just read TMITWS whilst on hols in Cyprus (compelling read, thouroughly excellent) I note that you referred to a device as the “Wand of Plenty” 🙂 May I ask why? PS – the idea of 2 pennies and duct-tape is excellent! Best regards, I hope your future involves all the drives you so deserve, Guy, Wadebridge, Cornwall.

    Alaina Begg says:

    Which car, available to consumers, would you label as ‘absolutely insane’ or ‘scary as hell’ as far as speed and handling?

    Jay Prosky says:

    With the evergoing horsepower and handling wars with sports cars do you think American Mfg’s are wrong in compromising refinement to keep the cost as low as they have or do they need to bring it up a notch or three in spite of the “blue collar” guy dreaming of a performance car? The world automotive press seems to think so. Thank you, best wishes.

    Damien says:

    Hello Ben, do have any plans to race at Bathurst again?

    Chris Scoville says:

    Hi Ben,
    When do you prefer paddle shifters over a manual transmission or vice versa?

    Thanks for the advice and inspiration.
    Chris Scoville
    Vermont, USA

    Jamie says:

    Ben, When will we see you back on UK TV ?

    Roy Barwick says:

    I think you have been back on top gear as The
    Stig, am i right?
    No, i don’t really expect you to answer that!

    jason swain says:


    Did you drive in every programme when the stig was driving cars, or did you have stig doubles taking your shifts ?

    PS – Can you throw clarkson on a bonfire for me, it’s the 5th on saturday.

    FLX says:

    What are the only 2 facts you know about ducks that are wrong?

    steve says:

    What was the most brutal machine (car) you have ever driven ?

    Remco says:

    Do you have any fixed personal rituals that you have to go through before a race?

    aly Mohamed says:

    Hi, as a professional racing driver how do you kill understeer into a corner in a caterham r500 superlight?

    aly Mohamed says:

    which is better in racing, ABS or locking brakes?

    zina says:

    hi ben,

    im pitching for a car film with you in mind please let me know if you’d be interested. this is for a commercial in india for a car brand of tata motors called tata sumo.

    its to be shot in the 3rd week of december over 2 days with 2 days rehearsal.


    Thomas Alison says:

    Hi there Ben im a very big fan of yours, just a quick question regarding a car that i want to buy, its a porsche 996 turbo would you be able to show any bit of light on that please?

    many thanks

    Cody Huber says:

    What car do you drive day-to-day?

    Sarah Grace says:

    How did you get onto your career path? & what challenges did you face (if any) throughout the process? 🙂

    Joseph Brown says:

    What was the top gear lap you are most proud of? Not necessarily the fastest but your best drive?

    Rancid Afterbirth says:

    hello Mr.Collins,

    i was wondering what it’s like to piss yourself whilst driving in a 24h race and where does your piss end up?

    what place do you think you could’ve finished in the top gear 24h race if hammond didn’t run into a mosler? and did top gear/bbc have to pay the mosler team after the crash.

    also do you prefer the Caterham or Westfield for lotus 7 style cars?

    and my last question is was getting pulled over by the cops in the DIY caterham episode planned or accidental?

    Rancid Afterbirth says:

    actually i just thought of a couple more.

    did you really fall asleep in the drivers briefing in the 24h silverstone race episode of top gear. (might be a silly question)

    and what did you do to kill time during the 24h race? did you walk around or just sit like legless cattle :p

    that is all, hope you answer.

    james chestnutt says:

    Hi ben how are you big fan of work. what stunts did you do in the james bond films and what is the best thing you have done for top gear


    thank you

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